Coco Loco Beach Albir

Welcome to Coco Loco Beach Bar

Hi everyone! Check out this new website which we are working on right now - and our new video! Watch it here. 
You are very welcome to comment on it on YouTube or send us an email - even better: Drop by at Coco Loco in Albir. See you!


Meet Maria, Dirk and the friendly, crazy ;-) staff and the wonderful guests at Coco Loco Beach Bar in Albir. "Don't be lazy. Be Crazy", says The Coco Loco slogan and they do what they can to live up to that! See for yourself in this little video and hear what the guests have to say.
Produced by filmmaker and composer Torben Thoger, copyright 2010,

Paseo De Las Estrellas, 1, 03581 ALBIR (L'Alfas del Pi), Alicante, España
Tel: (+34) 966 866 999
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